Andrzej Gudaski, thanks to indubitable talent and creative sensitivity, and by
enormous diligence, presents himself today as a mature, already fully formed artist;
and yet still in the process of searching. The artist's work consist of  painting,
printmaking, sculpture and ceramic. He has been drawing and painting from an
early age. He had painted his first works in oil at a tender age of twelve. By the age
of fourteen, he had already begun to sell his works; they were both, oil and
watercolour paintings. He has developed his own and unique style. An artist - a
child of an era in which voices of the end of  history were heard, and in the art the
post-modern currents have won - presents different vision of surrounding him reality.
His paintings are full of poetry, wit, anxiety and are shrouded by extraordinary aura.
What is real cooperates with that what is imagined. The artist seems to have fun at
the unusual, wonderful and absurd. It is impossible to distinguish between the
serious and the frivolous. In his poetic and allegorical paintings the artist has deeply
sketched drama of modern man and his complicated existence.
Invitations coming from reputable galleries from all around the world confirm his
talent and artistic value of his work.

1999 Biblioteka Miejska w Nowogardzie
1999 Biblioteka Miejska w Goleniowie
1999 Biblioteka Miejska w winoujciu
2000 Muzeum w Koszalinie
2001 Teatr Polski w Szczecinie
2003 wernisa w Starostwie Powiatowym w Stargardzie Szczeciskim
2003 Agora Gallery Nowy Jork
2004 Domain Gallery Majorka  Hiszpania
2005 Satchi Gallery Londyn
2005 V Biennale Internazionale dell-ART E Florencja Wochy
2006 Gora Gallery Montreal Kanada
2007 VI Biennale Internazionale dell-ART E Florencja Wochy
2008 World Fine Art. Gallery Nowy Jork
2009 VII Biennale Internazionale dell-ART E Florencja Wochy
2010 New City Gallery Londyn
2011 Euston Gallery  Kuweit z okazji Polskiej Prezydencji w Unii Europejskiej z          
udziaem ambasadorw Polski i Wielkiej Brytanii
2011 Zaproszenie na ART EXPO w Nowym Jorku
2012 Nominowany do midzynarodowego konkursu sztuki PALM ART AWARD